What I Ate This Week (Sept. 16/12)

September 16, 2012


“But if you don’t eat bread, what the heck do you eat??”

This should answer that question and then some. Check out the images below of everything that I ate this past week to see the extent of my suffering on this paleo/primal “diet”.

This was my first week of a 30 day elimination diet. It went surprisingly well – I’m actually shocked that I don’t have any cravings and I feel so well-nourished and satiated. In addition to the food below, I’ve had a mug of chicken broth every day to help with that nourishment. I’m stoked about the Apple Spice Turkey Breakfast recipe, as I was worried about what I’d replace my morning eggs with. And as you’ll notice, I haven’t, nor do I plan to eat out this entire month (if I can help it) – too many potential gut irritants abound.


Apple-Spice-Turkey-Breakfast Brisling-Sardines
(x6) Apple Spice Turkey Breakfast (x1) Sardines + sauerkraut


Salad-with-chicken,-figs,-and-peaches Blueberry-Liver-Plated
(x6) Salad: chicken + avocados + figs + peaches (x1) Blueberry Liver


Roasted-Lamb-with-Sauteed-Cabbage Blueberry-Liver-Plated
(x6) Roasted Lamb with Sautéed Cabbage Blueberry Liver


Organic-Olives coconut-manna
Olives Coconut Butter
Kale-Chip-Bowl Italian-Prune-Plums
Kale Chips Italian Prune Plums

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Andra September 16, 2012 at 1:13 PM

If they’re only eating bread, that’s pretty frickin’ boring.


[email protected] September 16, 2012 at 5:51 PM

No kidding, eh?


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