What’s In Your Cart (Apr. 29/12)

April 29, 2012


Do you ever peek into other people’s shopping carts, or gawk at their purchases at the check-out? Do you then try to figure out what kind of diet, if any, they’re on? Followed perhaps by a quick glance at the shopper to evaluate the success of that diet?

Somehow I doubt I’m the only one ;) In which case, you might find my weekly shopping loot interesting.

PS – I bought chicken wings covered in flour. Oops! I have no idea how that happened – thought it was just all the spicy seasoning, although it looks like bread crumbs even from here… They were listed at the end of the ingredient list and I somehow missed them – it had been a long day. Oh well. I ended up thoroughly washing the wings (they were raw), and re-seasoning them. Not perfect, but it’ll do.

The bottle up front is coconut water, and the greens are chard and broccoli.

*These groceries are for 1 week, 2 people; missing from this cart is the osso bucco previously purchased and frozen.

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Cat @ NeoHomesteading.com April 30, 2012 at 8:13 AM

I do that ALL THE TIME! I hate to admit it but I’m always thinking “if someone were to look into my cart, would they think like I think about others?”

I am especially floored when I go to wholesale clubs. I’m usually literally the only person who doesn’t have a cart full of cereal, french toast sticks and soda. On the other hand I give into the cleansers and towels and such, so a super hippie would shake their finger at my poor practice. I’m always really thankful we are fortunate enough to not have to really, really sacrifice our health to save a buck.


[email protected] April 30, 2012 at 7:43 PM

I know what you mean.. I’m so much in my little paleo bubble that every time I go to a conventional store and see all the crap, I’m surprised people still eat that stuff..


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