What’s In Your Cart? (Sept. 9/12)

September 9, 2012


Do you ever peek into other people’s shopping carts, or gawk at their purchases at the check-out? Do you then try to figure out what kind of diet, if any, they’re on? Followed perhaps by a quick glance at the shopper to evaluate the success of that diet?

Somehow I doubt I’m the only one… In which case, you might find my weekly shopping loot interesting.

Even more nosy? ;) Here are the details:

  • free range bison sirloin steaks
  • organic coconut milk
  • boneless lam leg roast
  • ground turkey
  • Organic Lives organic Botija olives in brine
  • natural roasted chicken (excited that the classic roast chicken at Whole Foods only has 3 ingredients and a seed oil isn’t one of them: olive oil, sea salt, and pepper)canola!)
  • organic butter lettuce
  • organic apples
  • organic plums
  • organic celery
  • organic figs
  • organic onion
  • organic bananas
  • organic avocados

Notes: These groceries were bought at Whole Foods, Safeway, and Choices and will feed me for most of the week. This is my first week of a 4 week elimination diet, so you’ll notice the absence of eggs and any sort of dairy (sigh…). I’ll be freezing the steaks and will thaw them if I run out of roast. Not sure yet what I’ll be doing with the coconut milk, just felt I should have it on hand (and it was on sale). The bananas were an “impulse buy” :P And the shmancy olives were a treat in lieu of all the stuff I’ve eliminated.

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